Summary of On demand Testing Services

Characteristics and Application

It is possible to choose appropriate level for examinees

There are five different levels in G-TELP, ranging from beginner to advanced (Level 1-highest; Level 5-lowest.) Only Levels 1 to 4 are available in Japan.
G-TELP assesses the English language abilities of examinees within each of those. Levels 3 and 4 are used mainly for placement tests, achievement tests, diagnostic tests or enhancement of instruction for English language education at colleges or universities in Japan.

G-TELP is the only test that assesses English language proficiency in the context of specific tasks, with task difficulties matching the appropriate proficiency level.
The detailed diagnostic information it provides enables instructors to gauge the present language skills of each examinee, and to make comparisons in language ability form one examinee to another.

Examinee Score Reports provide relevant information to instructors and examinees

The tests are designed not simply to compare the ability of one test taker to another, but to determine whether or not the test taker is able to perform specific language tasks.

The Score Report returned after test administration identifies individual strengths and weaknesses related to specific language tasks. Thus, it allows instructors and examinees to determine which skill areas require more attention.

The Advantages of G-TELP

Objective evaluation

The components are well balanced, comprising Grammar, Listening, and Reading & Vocabulary sections to assess communicative competence in English.
G-TELP does not offer test preparation materials because it is designed to reflect present English language skills. This allows the examinees' proficiency to be genuinely determined.

Suitable for use as a placement test

By selecting the appropriate level for test administration, the spread of scores for a group of examinees provides valuable information for placement purposes.

Reduce time spent on generating on new tests annually

There are more than ten test forms for each level in G-TELP, eliminating the need of creating new test forms each year. Support services are also offered, such as delivery of test materials, grading, and results reporting.
Our services result in reductions of the work required for administering your original tests.

Quick result Reporting

Quick result reporting is required for placement tests at colleges or universities.
G-TELP results for placement can be reported within two to three days after all test materials have been returned to G-TELP Tokyo office. Normally, results are reported after one week.

G-TELP data processing service

We return the following data:

  • Roster Report (a list of examinees' scores)
  • Quick Report (including Fundamental Statistics)
  • Score Report (for each examinee)

It is also possible to provide class lists, arranged according to specified data. The validity of the test can be assessed. Also, Item Analysis data can be provided after the test administration.
Should you have any queries on data processing, please feel free to contact us.

*Fundamental data (Roster Report and Quick Report) can be sent by either fax or e-mail attachment.
Hard-copy originals of Fundamental data will be sent after fax or e-mail dispatch. Hard-copy originals of score reports will also be sent in a week.

Reasonably Priced

G-TELP is provided at reasonable and competitive prices, as compared with other tests currently available.
There are no extra charges for data processing services!!

If you have any queries, please contact: